Some history

Welcome to trolleybus 11's web site.


Trolleybus 11 is one of 20 vehicles build between 1987 and 1988 by Van Hool to be used on line 3 in Ghent. Besides the original prototype, these 20 vehicles were the very first "commercial" trolleys ever build by Van Hool.

This model is an AG280T (body AG280) on a frame AG280/3. The vehicle has four doors and can carry 138 passengers with 46 seated. The complete technical informations can be downloaded here.

"Trolleybus 11" is a part of a global project aiming at the preservation of 2 trolleys used in Ghent between 1989 and 2009. From the original 20 which were build, 18 were still in use at the end of their commercial life. 15 were sold in Bulgaria (used from 2010 until 2012). Trolleybus 11 is one of the two preserved vehicles ( a third one is also preserved as a reserve but not intended to be restaured).

Trolleybus 11 is maintained in running conditions thanks to the help of De Lijn (the public transport company in Ghent), the STA (Stichting Trolleymaterieel Arnhem) and META (the preservation arm of De Lijn). It was possible, in 2011, to organise a ride with trolleys 08 and 11 in Ghent for trolleybus fans. In 2012, trolleybus 11 took part in the jubilee in Solingen celebrating 60 years of trolleybus in this German city.

From 2012 until 2017, trolleybus 11 stayed in Solingen (Germany). At the end of May 2017, it was transfered to Arnhem (The Netherlands) which will be now it's new base. In the next pages, you will see pictures and videos shot during the new second life of Trolleybus 11.

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